President Irrelevant: Senior Border Patrol supervisors may start ignoring Obama immigration directives to stem expected rush

( For years Border Patrol officials have seethed as they have watched their president willfully violate immigration law with executive orders and actions that effectively rendered them moot. In that time, the U.S./Mexico border has been a sieve: Hundreds of thousands of migrants from south of the border, Central and South America, having gotten the word that the flood gates were open, headed north.

But the election of GOP nominee Donald J. Trump, now a sure thing rather than a hypothetical, has changed the dynamic.

As Politizette reports, senior Border Patrol supervisors may now be willing to defy President Obama’s directives to essentially look the other way and direct line agents to enforce border security and immigration law as it is written, especially now that Trump’s victory – given his pledge to deport those in the country illegally – is likely to cause a new surge from down south.

The site noted:

With Donald Trump’s presidency now only a mater of time instead of a hypothetical, border agents are bracing for a surge in illegal immigration at the southwest border as people race to get into the United States before the door shuts.

At the same time, according to the head of the union representing 16,500 U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, career-level managers of the agency are likely to push back against the directives of outgoing political appointees of President Obama.

“You can expect to see CBP pushing back and holding those people,” said Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council. “They’re going want to make it look like they’re in lockstep with him [Trump] … We’re already seeing it now.”

Continuing, Judd said that a new processing center in Nogales, Arizona, is set to open and he expects more to follow, in order to bolster detention capacity.

And he said that career-level managers are going to be much more concerned with offending the incoming administration than worrying about the outgoing Obama regime. “They have a new boss,” he said. “They know it. They need to endear themselves to him.”

While we would never encourage open rebellion among government officials, Obama and his people have brought this on themselves. By openly flouting immigration law for political purposes  – lots of new immigrants generally means lots of new Democratic voters – Obama has alienated Border Patrol and border security agents and officials who see genuine threats to national security with his open-door policies.

From the very beginning, meanwhile, President-elect Trump has promised to crack down on illegal immigration, making it is signature issue. He has explained over and over again that it has to be done if we want to maintain the integrity of our national borders. That’s racist and bigoted to the Left, but to reasonable Americans and especially Border Patrol agents, it’s necessary and vital for our security to know who is coming into the country, especially during a time of international terrorism.

Judd agreed that mid-level supervisors do not have the authority to overturn orders of the political appointees, such as a rule requiring them to release — without even issuing a notice to appear — anyone who has been in the United States continuously since Jan. 1, 2014, Politizette reported.

But he predicted that agents would be more aggressive in trying to determine if those caught at the border are telling the truth about their residency.

It’s about time sanity was brought back into the equation when it comes to our nation’s immigration policies. Trump clamping down on illegal border crossings and making those who have overstayed their visas return home will not set well with the globalists, but as Americans have made clear with their election of the billionaire businessman, America doesn’t belong to the globalists. It belongs to us.


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