America, we have a YUUUUUGE opportunity to get government off our backs

( Americans are monitored, regulated and micromanaged in a thousand different ways by government at all levels, each minute of our lives. And while no one who is serious is actually calling for no more government whatsoever, which would be anarchy, tens of millions of Americans voted Nov. 8 for a lot less government.

And President-elect Trump is just the man to help cut some of the red tape that makes our lives miserable, our businesses less profitable, and our ability to get (and stay) ahead that much more difficult.

Is that really what we voted for? Sure it is. What occurred Tuesday was a complete repudiation of President Obama’s big government agenda, which Hillary Clinton had pledged to continue. It was a complete repudiation of the Marxist government religion now practiced by most Democrats.

Americans rejected Obamacare. They rejected Left-wing radicalism in the federal courts. They rejected higher costs for business. They rejected job-killing regulations that targeted entire industries. They rejected the one-size-fits-all approach of an overreaching federal bureaucracy.

They voted for better and more opportunities, less daily micromanagement, and – dare we say it? – more real hope than they’ve been offered in, say, eight years.

Obama and Democrats have essentially lied about too much for too long. They have over-promised and under-delivered. They have behaved as though they are hostile towards the American electorate. And the have lost consistently when Obama’s agenda (not Obama himself) is up for a vote.

As talk radio king Rush Limbaugh noted on his program Thursday:

[Obama’s] policies were unilaterally rejected in this election, folks.  The presidency of Barack Obama was sent packing.  That is exactly what was on the ballot, and we have with his own words if you recall.  Part of his campaign — his ego couldn’t help it — he’s out there campaigning (imitating Obama), “My legacy is all about this. My issues are on the ballot.  Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of everything and all the progress we made.” 

What happened?  A total repudiation.  That 53% approval rating is because of his race and for other surface-oriented factors, but not substance. And they use that 53%, and I’m not even sure I believe that number.  That number doesn’t does make sense with the election results.  The Democrat Party and the agenda of Barack Obama were entirely, totally repudiated in this election, as was the Democrat Party.  It was a bloodbath.  That is how bad it was.  And what people are now learning, they didn’t know just how bad it was on the Democrat side. …

Six million fewer Democrats showed up to vote for a person who thought she was going to be coronated, so loved and adored we were told she was by the Democrat Party.  She had to steal her own nomination from Bernie Sanders.  Folks, we are lied to every day by the Democrat Party, which is the media.  We are lied to about how we are viewed in the country.  We are lied to about how they are viewed.  We are lied to about how the country loves their policies and loves them.  We are lied to each and every day, and it is the daily soap opera that I have warned about and talked about that the media gets together and scripts, the daily narrative. 

There can be no doubt that America elected Donald Trump because they believed in his message of less government, more growth, better opportunities, more choices. That’s just true, and don’t you let anyone spin it any differently. Now we have a YUUUUGE chance to change course and right our ship of state.


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