This is what Trump is talking about when he bashes the out-of-control federal bureaucracy

( Americans increasingly frustrated with the inefficiencies, inadequacies and inability of the federal bureaucracy to accomplish its appointed tasks in a prudent manner have long called on Congress to rein in what they see as a burgeoning, untouchable, unelected governing body that, quite frankly, isn’t competent. Or frugal.

But so far Congress has been tone deaf.

Now comes yet another reason why the next president should be Donald J. Trump – because Hillary Clinton will do nothing but grow the federal bureaucracy, then use it to batter and bleed the private sector and ordinary Americans. Trump, by comparison, has pledged to take a slash-and-burn approach to dealing with the executive bureaucracy.

As reported by AMI Newswire:

Federal agencies have ignored more than 15,000 recommendations from inspectors generals that could save taxpayers $87 billion per year, a U.S. Senate report reveals.

The new report, prepared by the majority staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee, is part of a Republican effort to win Senate approval of legislation that would expand the investigative authority of agency inspectors general, and make them more independent of the agencies they oversee.

Granted, $87 billion may not seem like much in a multi-trillion dollar annual budget, but in an age of $20 trillion deficits, every little bit of savings helps.

Worse, though, is the flippant manner in which these agencies ignore the findings of their own inspectors general. IGs have never had much authority when it comes to enforcing their recommendations, and that’s why they are so flagrantly ignored. Senators examining this arrogance also found that there were times when IGs couldn’t even get the data they were requesting from their own agencies. That is completely unacceptable.

And this is Congress’ fault, ultimately, because the Legislative Branch over the years has not only created all of these federal agencies (440 at last count), but it has also failed to instill much authority in inspectors general, who are tasked with ensuring that the agencies they work for are good stewards of the taxpayer’s money.

Empowering inspectors general seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Otherwise, what is the point of having them?

It’s not at all clear that Congress will finally act to give IGs more authority, and it’s even less likely that Obama would sign the legislation. After all, his has been one of the most irresponsible and criminal administrations in our history.

So the effort to rein in the out-of-control, arrogant bureaucracy will first fall to a president willing to take the tough measures necessary to make federal agencies more accountable to the people they are supposed to be serving, not ripping off.

Trump is the only presidential contender with a shot at winning who has outlined a plan to rein in these heretofore unaccountable bureaucrats.


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