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The gross mistreatment and unlawful abuse of independent journalist Tommy Robinson by the government of the United Kingdom represents a perfect example of why many of our nation’s forefathers sacrificed their lives in order to break free from the chains of this tyrannical monarchy across the pond.

In case you missed it, Robinson was illicitly arrested and imprisoned back in May for attempting to cover the trial of a Muslim sexual grooming gang that was being tried for gang-raping up to 100 underage children. For the simple act of publicly reading a BBC article outside the courthouse, Robinson was whisked away to prison where he spent several months in solitary confinement.

During a recent interview with Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson, available for viewing at, Robinson explains how he was unjustly detained and forced to endure extreme, Guantanamo Bay-style torture at the hands of British authorities who clearly have no respect for the law or freedom of speech.

Watch below as Robinson tells of how he was intentionally put into the U.K. prison with the highest population of Muslim criminals – his solitary confinement cell placed right across from the prison’s mosque. It was here that he endured having human excrement, spit, and obscenities thrown at him while he endured extreme heat.

“For me behind bars, the way I was treated, I was taken to a prison with quite a low Muslim population, what I’m known for is criticizing Islam, so there’s been many planned attempts to murder me and kill me in this country.”

“I was … put in solitary confinement where I spent two months not seeing or speaking to anybody, and they used the reason that I was in ‘danger,'” Robinson reveals. “I was purposely taken there to be put in danger so then that reason could be used to put me in solitary confinement.”

Highest UK judge declares Tommy Robinson’s persecution unlawful and illegal

Robinson eventually won his appeal and was let out on bail, but all the while his reputation was being tarnished by the globalist media, which painted him as a criminal deserving of prison – when, in fact, he had done absolutely nothing wrong.

“It took months before I got the opportunity to go before a judge, and once the judge heard what had happened in the trial, we found so many illegal and wrongdoings within this kangaroo court that it took another two weeks before I was freed. This whole encounter … I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds in prison,” Robinson says.

“I was supposed to be in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, not Guantanamo Bay. I couldn’t open my windows because I was having excrement and spit put through them. The mosque for the prison was directly opposite my cells. We had huge heat waves. This goes against every human right and every law.”

Free speech is dead in Great Britain, and liberals are celebrating

Keep in mind that Robinson broke no laws, nor was he even told why he was being arrested and imprisoned – a requirement under British law.

“I was taken, they said, for ‘a breach of the police,'” he says.

“They transported me to a police custody, and then a solicitor contacted the police custody, then they emailed my solicitor … saying I was being released. Then they took me in a van back to the court through the back door. They put me up before a judge, and media reports have said that I plead guilty. At no point was I even asked whether I was guilty or not guilty. I still to this point now, have not been told, and do not know, what it is I have been deemed to have done wrong.”

British law requires a fair trial for every defendant, which includes informing defendants as to their charges. But for Robinson, he was never afforded this right. He says he’s fully aware of how the law is supposed to work, was careful with his words outside the courthouse on that fateful day, and knows that he’s completely innocent.

“I know the law, the judges have no power to issue reporting restrictions on anybody, or any information that’s already in the public domain. I was taken and whisked away, and what we’ve seen this week, is the highest judge in the country has completely condemned this as fraud, completely criticized the handling of this case, the kangaroo court-style it was to imprison me,” says Robinson.

“The minute you mention or criticize Islam, you are demeaned and attacked by everybody.”

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