Obamacare collapse: As usual, Democrats are blaming everything and everyone but themselves for a law THEY wrote and passed

(BigGovernment.news) In case you haven’t heard, the Affordable Care Act – sardonically known as Obamacare – is collapsing, but the Democrats who brought this disaster to the American people won’t admit they screwed up. In fact, they won’t admit they did anything wrong at all. And of course the establishment media is doing all it can to provide them with cover.

report by The Hill, hardly a bastion of constitutional conservatism, is indicative. While it contains some quotes from Democrat politicians like Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, Bill Clinton and President Obama, as well as some Obamacare architects, about how the law is getting to be simply unaffordable for tens of millions of Americans, it leaves out any mention of these people as being mostly responsible for its implementation.

For instance, Dayton – once one of the law’s biggest champions – gets to get away with calling it “no longer affordable,” but no one bothered to ask him how he could have been so wrong about it and whether a full repeal now would make sense.

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton – once a full-throated supporter of the law she says was actually modeled after her own “HillaryCare” during her husband’s presidency –  is getting away with saying she will “fix it” if she wins election. “I’m going to fix it, because I agree with you,” Clinton told a questioner at a town hall-style event who complained of rising health costs under ObamaCare. “Premiums have gotten too high.”

Wait, though…premiums were supposed to go down by $2,500 according to Obama, who said so several times. So what does Clinton want to do – add more layers of government control? How will that work, considering how badly government has already botched this up?

Then there are the Democrats who want to dramatically bolster taxpayer assistance for Obamacare subsidies, as The Hill notes:

With Democrats increasingly calling for raising that financial assistance, Bob Kocher, who was a White House adviser on health reform during the drafting of the health law, said that financial constraints prevented Democrats from making the subsidies more generous to begin with. 

He noted that the law had to be fully paid for with either tax increases or Medicare cuts, which limited the amount of money for subsidies.

…More broadly, he also called for reforms to make the healthcare system more efficient and bring down costs for everyone. 

He says this with a straight face, despite the fact that under Obama our national debt has doubled to nearly $20 trillion. And what’s this business about “more reforms” to “bring costs down for everyone”?

Obamacare was supposed to be THE health care reform law that accomplished all of that. Remember?

More from The Hill, in regards to the skyrocketing health insurance premiums that were supposed to fall by thousands of dollars per year:

[N]ow, administration officials say they wish insurers had set their premiums higher and more accurately to begin with, so they wouldn’t have to hike them so much now.

“Would we all have preferred to be 10 percent higher say from the start with more gradual increases?” Andy Slavitt, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said this month. “Of course. You bet we would.”

So, it’s the insurance companies’ fault? How so? And how do insurance companies “set their premiums higher” when they have to get approval for rate increases from state regulatory agencies? This is a flat-out misleading statement.

But you won’t see Slavitt – or Obama, or Clinton, or any Democrats responsible for this disaster – held accountable for such ridiculous nonsense.

The fact is, Democrats are responsible for every single failure of Obamacare. Not one Republican in Congress at the time voted for the law and only Republicans have attempted to repeal it. But instead, Democrats just want to double down on the stupidity.

No, thanks.


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