No, Mr. Vice President, you can’t get away with saying this

( Last week Vice President Joe Biden – yes, he’s still around – said something that would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic. But the veep, like his boss, is all politics, all the time, so we realize to a point that he can’t help saying some of the things he says. Still, that’s no reason to let him get by with them.

At a Democratic campaign event in Las Vegas last week, Biden said the Middle Class was still getting “clobbered” – even after nearly eight years of economic ‘stewardship’ from his boss, President Obama. Of course, that doesn’t mean that nothing good, economically speaking, has come out of the Obama regime.

“We took care of the really bad things,” Biden said, returning to the “Blame Bush” well of 2008 again to imply that the economy he and Obama inherited was so bad that there was only so much an administration could do.

Nice try, Mr. Vice President. But you can’t get away with that.

Let’s begin with the obvious: If George W. Bush must take responsibility for the economy – and he should – so should Obama, and to a lesser extent, Biden.

If you want to say that keeping the economy functioning is something they “took care of,” fine. The economy is “functioning,” albeit at a greatly reduced pace.

But Biden said the the Middle Class is still getting “clobbered,” Like, clobbered. The question is, why? 

Here’s why: Because Obama has been the most regulating president in the history of the planet, that’s why. Between Obamacare, the “banking reform” law and thousands of additional regulations from the hundreds of federal agencies Obama controls as head of the Executive Branch, he has added $100 billion in compliance costs on industries and business during his presidency alone. What’s more, thousands of new regulations are on the way in his final year.

These are on top of the trillions of dollars in regulatory compliance costs the U.S. private sector must endure (and pay) every year. That’s about $250,000 per year in compliance costs for the average U.S. firm.

Regulatory costs burden businesses with unnecessary rules that have nothing at all to do with clean air, clean water, workplace safety or any of the other favored reasons why big government presidents like Obama (and vice presidents like Biden) seek to impose them. Worse, Congress has be no help whatsoever in putting up roadblocks to costly overregulation of U.S. industries.

These compliance costs also come at the expense of opportunity for Biden’s treasured Middle Class, because when industries and firms have to spend this kind of money complying with silly rules only a bureaucrat could love, they can’t give their employees raises and they can’t hire new ones – because they can’t afford to expand.

No, Joe, the Middle Class continues to get “clobbered” because the administration you belong to is the first to never see one single year of 3 percent growth in GDP. The first.

Which makes yours the worst.

It’s no longer “Bush’s fault,” Mr. Biden. It’s Mr. Obama’s fault and, to a degree, your fault. And you want the most crooked candidate in modern history to replace you and carry on your legacy of “clobbering” the Middle Class. No, thanks.

Hopefully most Americans see your claims for what they are: Political nonsense and a big, fat lie, and a huge reason to move in a different direction, economically – like that proposed by GOP nominee Donald J. Trump, the master of business who wants to cut silly, expensive regulations, not expand them.


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