The BAD logic behind BIG government

If government creates abundance, why is anybody poor anywhere in the world? Why don’t governments simply “flip a switch” and make everybody wealthy and end poverty and suffering worldwide?

In this podcast, I explain why those arguing for BIG government suffer from BAD logic. If all-powerful government is so good for abundance and freedom, then why isn’t North Korea the shining example of wealth and freedom for our world?

If large, centralized governments are so good for society, then why are the citizens of Venezuela digging through the trash, scavenging for food scraps to avoid starvation?

If bigger government is the answer to everything, then why did eight years under Obama’s runaway debt spending not lift the poorest Americans out of poverty?

The answer to all this, of course, is that big government DESTROYS wealth, liberty, privacy and abundance. The bigger the government, the greater the danger to society. Read more about the failures of big government at

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